GCEC 2015

About the GCEC Conference

The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) provides for collaboration and communication on specific issues and challenges confronting university-based entrepreneurship centers. Each year in October, a global conference is held on the campus of an GCEC member school.

More about GCEC

Collaborate > Empower > Transform

Entrepreneurship centers in the university environment have emerged as catalysts for economic development and change, empowering and transforming students, campuses, communities and local/regional economies.

Conference Theme

Gainesville, Florida

October 29-31, 2015

University of Florida,
Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Gaineville, FL, USA

Hotel: Westgate Florida Hotel

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University of Florida's Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation welcomes GCEC 2015 delegates to sunny Florida!


Florida Getaways... Come Early or Stay Late!

You can plan a Florida getaway before the GCEC 2015 conference or after. Within just 30 minutes to a few hours from Gainesville are the crsytal clear waters of our natural springs, our famous and beautiful beaches and the rich, vibrant history of St. Augustine, first settled by Spain in 1565.